Why Work With Us?

EcoSmart is committed to delivering higher performance homes that are unique, beautiful, sustainable and economically viable. Our recipe is to develop designs that are based upon time tested principles and practices as developed by industry gurus like Rob Dumont and to build based upon lean construction practices that improve productivity and lower cost.

Our mission is to help transform the building industry one high performance successful project at a time. To demonstrate that this is feasible we built a Net 0 homes demonstration project at 1602 Edward Ave in Saskatoon. This passive solar, fully integrated design that is targeting Net 0 energy use provides a good example that these types of home are economically viable.

Our product has been well received and has lead to us building two more high performance homes that build on the lessons learned. Going forward we would welcome the opportunity to discuss if a high performance home would be right for you.

High Performance ≠ High Cost


There is a perception that high performance homes cost more. This is not true. The TRUTH... Your savings in energy costs will provide more savings than the interest on the small additional capital for a high performance home. Even lenders love the reduced risk that green homes offer.


Take the opportunity to review our project successes.

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